Prague, May 2013

Prague, June 2014


Dear friends,


We are happy to invite you to the annual conference of the Association of Friends

of PTF which will take place on November 14-16, 2014 in Prague. The theme of our meeting will be “Where is the exit? Europe’s guilt and ways to reconciliation”.


In the programmatic part of our meeting we focus on the question of patterns of behavior of our European civilization towards others. Is our current way of treating non-Western people creating unequal relations and injustice? Are we able to reset our way of acting? Is it possible to establish reconciliation with those we forced into a position of dependence and oppression? 



The main speaker in the program will be Prof. Notger Slenczka, who teaches systematic theology at Berlin’s Humboldt University. The second presentation of the program will be an examination of models of reconciliation in society after a period of discrimination and oppression (e.g. South Africa, or former communist countries).


We have reserved accommodation in the university student dormitory Kolej Komenského (address: Parléřova 682/6, Prague 6). The accommodation costs, including breakfast, range between 350.00 and 400.00 CZK/ night. The Association will contribute toward 50% of this cost.


We kindly ask you to send in your conference application form until 31 October 2014 either electronically at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via postal mail at:

Spolek přátel ETF, P.O.BOX 529

Černá 9,

CZ-115 55 Praha 1

Please, use the enclosed registration form.


For more information on the activities of the Association (in English, German and Czech) see the website In due time, you will also find the program of the conference in September 2014 on this side.


We would also like to remind those of you who are members of our association not to forget to pay your membership fee. If not for these contributions, we would not be able to organize our annual conferences. In case you participate at this year’s conference, you can pay your membership fee in cash in Prague.


Our bank accounts:

- Czech Republic – Spolek přátel ETF; no. 2720961001/5500 – Raiffeisenbank, a.s.

IBAN: CZ10 5500 0000 0027 209 61001 / BIC RZBCCZPP

- Germany – formal owner of the account: Michael Hoffmann, account no. 30 52 755 066, Blz 701 100 88 Postbank SPAR Muenchen


Kindest regards,


                                                                                            Peter Morée, chairman 

© Spolek přátel ETF - Association of Friends of the Protestant Theological Faculty