Article Index

Article IX: The auditing committee

1. The auditing committee shall be the monitoring body of the Association, and shall be responsible for its activities to the conference of members.

2. The auditing committee shall have at least two members. Members of the auditing committee cannot be members of the executive committee at the same time.

3. The auditing committee shall monitor the financial management of the Association, draw the attention of the executive committee to any shortcomings it may discover, and propose ways of correcting them. It shall carry out a review at least once a year.

4. The auditing committee shall draw up a report on the results of its monitoring and auditing activities and submit it to the conference of members.

5. The authority of the members of the auditing committee and the extent of their monitoring activities shall be laid down in the internal rules of procedure.

Article X: Principles of financial management

1. The Association shall manage both movable and immovable assets.

2. The sources of its assets shall be, in particular:

a) membership subscriptions, and donations and contributions from individuals and legal entities

b) revenue from assets

c) income from activities when fulfilling the aims of the Association

d) subsidies from public funds and other subsidies, grants, etc.

3. The executive committee shall be responsible for the financial management of the Association, and shall submit a report each year to the conference of members on the financial management of the Association, including the annual statement of accounts.

4. The financial management shall be undertaken on the basis of the annual budget approved by the conference of members.

5. All the assets of the Association shall be managed in accordance with generally valid legal regulations, in particular those governing the financial management of non-profit organisations.

Article XI: Dissolving the Association

1. The Association shall be dissolved:

a) by voluntary disbanding or merger with another association, at the decision of the conference of members

b) at the decision of the Ministry of the Interior

2. Should the Association be dissolved by voluntary disbanding, the conference of members shall decide at the same time on the form of settlement of the Association's assets and on the transfer of any assets remaining after liquidation. It shall further decide on the appointment of a liquidator and shall fix the amount of the liquidator's remuneration.

Article XII: Final provisions

1. The Association shall publish and revise internal rules of procedure, which shall regulate more precisely the functioning of the Association, in conformity with these statutes.

2. The Association shall have the right, in accordance with the aims of its activity, to address petitions to the state authorities.

3. This Association shall come into being once it is registered by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.


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