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Section B. Other rules of procedure

Article III. The conference of members (see St. VII)

1. The conference of members shall be convened by the executive committee, which shall inform all the members in writing at least two months before the appointed date.

2. The quorum of the conference of members is given if the members has been invited regularly. If there is any doubt about this the question shall be raised as soon as possible. 

3. The conference of members shall normally vote by a show of hands, with the exception of elections, dismissals (Internal rules of procedure, hereafter referred to as IRP, II:5), and cases when a simple majority of the conference of members is in favour of a secret ballot. A two-thirds majority of all those present shall be required to dismiss the president.

4. Unless stipulated otherwise, a simple majority shall be required to pass a motion or resolution.

5. At the start of the meeting, the conference of members shall elect a moderator, one minute-taker and at least two vote-counters.

6. Minutes must be taken of each meeting of the conference of members; these minutes must be accessible to all members of the association.

Article IV. Membership (see St. IV)

1. Applications to become a member shall be submitted in writing to any member of the executive committee.

2. Applications shall include written agreement with the conditions of membership of the Association and payment of membership subscriptions (see St. IV, 1).

3. Members shall receive confirmation of their acceptance as members from the treasurer.

4. Membership subscriptions shall be collected by the treasurer of the Association.

5. If a member of the association has not paid any membership subscriptions the last 3 years this has to be seen as resignation (according to the statutes Article IV paragraph 1 and 3a). The membership could be renewed by paying the subscriptions. 

6. Members whose membership has been terminated by the executive committee may appeal against the decision of the executive committee to the conference of members. They shall notify the auditing committee in advance of their appeal, and the auditing committee shall investigate the whole affair. The conference of members may reverse the decision of the executive committee and renew the membership of the member in question.

Article V. Membership subscriptions

1. The amount of the membership subscription shall be limited between a lower limit and an upper limit (see minutes of conference of members). 

2. Each member shall contribute an amount depending on his or her possibilities.

3. The amount of the membership subscription, and the date and method of its payment, shall be determined by the conference of members (see St. V, 3).

4. Cases where these provisions are not respected shall be dealt with by the executive committee; they can lead to expulsion from the Association.


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