The last meeting of the Spolek, which took place from the 20th to 23rd November 2008, was connected with the 90th anniversary of the Protestant Church of Czech Brethren.  There was a symposium organized by the Faculty with the topic „The Bible in the Hands of People“; and a remarkable part in the Salvator church, where the theme was The Identity of Czech Protestantism.

At the same time as the celebrations were held for the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Protestant Theological Faculty in Prague, on 19-22 November 2009, the society for its alumni, the Association of Friends of the Protestant Theological Faculty, was also celebrating the tenth anniversary of its foundation. 25 members of the Association, many of whom had travelled to Prague from other countries, were able to be present at the formal ceremony on Thursday 19 November when Prof. Karel A. Deurloo from Amsterdam and Prof. Gerhard Sauter from Bonn were awarded honorary doctorates by Charles University. In this way these two theologians were honoured for all they had done for the Faculty and theological life in Prague, in particular during the time of the Cold War.

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With his Plea for bible orientated sermon Prof. Pavel Filipi on 3rd November opened the discussion together with the friends of the Protestant-Theological Faculty at Charles University in Prague. Filipis plea had its’ starting point in his book „Pozvání k naději“ (Invitation to hope) and the academical discussion on a theological faculty. His Co-referents the pastors Martin Horak (Jilemnice), Birgit Dušek (German speaking congregation in Prague) and Michael Hoffmann (Haramsøy, Norway) reflected about sermon and preacher based on their practical experience.

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