Third meeting in line of the Association of the Friends of the Protestant Theological Faculty took successfully place during the days from 9th to 11th November 2001. 
The theme of this years´s meeting was "A religion without a confession?" The meaning of different confessions for the Church and society. According to this topic it was an expert discussion between Dr.Heinz Rüegger and two teachers of the Protestant Theological Faculty in Prague, Prof. David Holeton and Dr. Ladislav Beneš.

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Theme of the meeting in 1999 was "80 years at PTF - Theological study during a turbulent century". One of the most interesting moments of the meeting was a discussion with the professors of the PTF. 
Prof. Milos Bic, representative of the previous generation of teachers of the PTF was present as well as Prof. Milan Balaban, Prof. Pavel Filipi - dean of the Faculty in 1999 -, Prof. Petr Pokorny, Dr. Jan Stefan and Dr. Martin Prudky. They created a lively forum.

The first evening of the conference was opened by Anna-Marie Matthijsse´s speech who was talking about homosexuality from a lasbian point of view. On Saturday morning other lectures followed. Jan Roskovec, a member of the commission at the synod council of the CPC for the question of the Churches relation to the homosexual minority, was speaking about his work experience with homosexual people and was also interpreting the main biblical texts concerning the conference´s topic. After that we could listen to a lecture by ThDr. Jindøich Halama about different ways of an interpretation of certain biblical texts mentioning homo-sexuality. To see how homosexuality in the context of biblical understanding of sexuality could be evaluated was said as well. The third lecturer was Ivo Prochazka who was explaining the essence of homosexuality from an up-to-day medicine point of view.

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Prague, May 2013

Prague, June 2014


Dear friends,


We are happy to invite you to the annual conference of the Association of Friends

of PTF which will take place on November 14-16, 2014 in Prague. The theme of our meeting will be “Where is the exit? Europe’s guilt and ways to reconciliation”.


In the programmatic part of our meeting we focus on the question of patterns of behavior of our European civilization towards others. Is our current way of treating non-Western people creating unequal relations and injustice? Are we able to reset our way of acting? Is it possible to establish reconciliation with those we forced into a position of dependence and oppression? 

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